Brand Name


E liquid Branding

Important things to consider for new e liquid brands

When choosing a brand name for your e liquid, it is important to consider the following:

1 - Does the brand name already exist.

2 - Can it be easily remembered.

3 - Is the .com name available.

4 - Can it be Trademarked.

5 - Will it easily fit on a bottle of e juice.

When you have decided on a brand name, then you are ready to have it developed. We offer a logo development for e liquids when you order. Also, remember to be careful that the brand name does not conflict with any legislation in your region regarding e cigarette laws and regulations.

Option 1

Send us your logo

Upload your logo using the upload file manager provided.

Option 2

We make the Logo for you

Send us the brand name your would like in your logo along with any instructions.