About Us

Our Vision

We offer clear cut options for building your own brand of premium high quality e liquid.

Our Vision

The process of creating an e juice brand can be daunting and create a lot of uncertainty for anyone seeking to build their own brand. Here at e juice manufacturers, we have eliminated most of that uncertainty by clearly laying out the steps necessary when creating a brand.

Expert Manufacturers

The team at e juice manufacturers have been developing e liquids since the very beginning of the e cigarette industry.

Our Team

Since 2008, out team of specialist e juice experts have been developing and manufacturing e liquid. Over the past number of years we have produced over several successful brands of e liquids in over 20 countries throughout the world. All our flavours are engineered in our own facility with a hands on approach, allowing for better control of our flavours. Our team includes top of the range chemists, production engineers and dedicated regulation specialists.

ISO 9001 Certified

Our facility is an approved ISO 9001 e liquid certified production plant, one of the few in the world!

ISO 9001 certified

There is no better way of ensuring high quality and safety standards than having your e juice made in a ISO 9001 plant. Our team are never satisfied with meeting expectations, we always want and strive to exceed them. Its the same for our production team and formation specialists; the ISO 9001 certification is great, but we only see this as our minimum standard!

Hand Crafted

Our crafted capabilities and hands on custom development have helped us inspire the e liquid market.

hand crafted

One cannot beat the hands on approach when manufacturing e liquid. When our team get together, they are excited at the possibilities and the potential of creating something new and extraordinary. The team focus in our factory offers us insight, extended knowledge and the highest quality production.

Quality Control

Every stage of production, from blending to laboratory analysis, is subject to extensive supervision.

quality control

In accordance with our procedures the production process is subjected to rigorous quality assurance and quality control. During blending we always ensure that the proper composition and maturing is checked. All the tests are recorded in our quality assurance documentation and according to the control protocols which our production team implement.

Extensive monitoring means that we are always on top of the quality of our production facility and the products produced in our factory. An respected independent external company perform laboratory analysis, includes chemical and microbiological testing on all our products. E liquid samples are tested by TÜV Rheinland analytical laboratory, which is recognised and accredited company.


Our clients want their information safe and secure; we treat all customer details with the highest level of confidentiality at all times.


At e juice manufacturers, we are fully aware that our clients brands and formulas need the utmost confidential. All documentation and valued information are kept safe and secure by our reliable and trysted administration and production team. We do not tell anyone who we make e liquid brands for without their expressive written permission to do so, ever!

The client relationships we have developed are based on trust and we aim to keep it healthy and never break that trust in any way.

Production Capabilities

We can produce over 2,000,000 bottles of e liquid per week at normal working capacity.

Production Capabilities

We are not a small operation by any stretch of the imagination. Our client list is large and extensive. Our factory has always a busy and energising atmosphere as we are a busy and productive business.

Our policy is to cater for small and up and coming brands, niche market brands and large scale commercial brands. Currently we have many customers in all areas of the e cigarette marketplace.

Research & Development

The essential part of growing an e liquid business, is making sure you are on top of it!

Research & Development

It would be easy to just sit back and say to ourselves; "Yes, we have the best e juice now", but that will not keep us on top of the market for long. The e juice industry is growing at an exponential rate that few industries have ever seen before. The changing environments, changing legislations and improved production methods are always at the forefront of our mind.

A dedicated team of R&D staff in our factory are responsible for ongoing progress as we strive for better results every day. They are constantly keeping in touch with our production team, formulations specialists and customers to see where we can improve. This is one of the major reasons why we are at the foremost in the e liquid industry in the world.

Fast Order Fulfilment

When you need the product, we will have it ready, on time and in perfect condition.

Fast Order Fulfilment

Our production manager a reputation for "on time" when he quotes a client. There is a great sense of pride in the fact that we never leave a client stuck for liquid. In the business, we have seen several customers who came to us from other companies with this problem and we know how utterly disappointing that type of experience can be.

Delays are unacceptable to our business, our production and reputation is build upon our ability for fast order fulfilment, every time!

Competitive Pricing

We believe in quality first, but we can also offer very competitive pricing due to our vast capabilities.

There has always been an issue with pricing in the e liquid business as far as we are concerned. We have witnessed low grade products been sold at extraordinary high prices over the past number of years. At e juice manufacturers, we never compromise on quality, whatever, but due to our large capabilities, we are more competitive that many lower grade producers.

Low prices...BUT, all our liquids are produced to the same high quality!

Pharmaceutical Nicotine

Our liquids contain natural Nicotine supplied by a European pharmaceutical company.

Not all chemicals are of the same quality! That's what all our e liquids contain natural nicotine that is supplied directly from a pharmaceutical company in Europe who also supply well known producers of nicotine chewing gum and nicotine inhalers.